Over the years I have worn many hats, trainer, facilitator, a problem solver. However one constant is my desire to create positive change in the world through experiential learning and honest dialogue. As the founder and CEO at Urban Rez Solutions, I have years of experience working with people from different backgrounds, cultures and social economic status. Along the way I’ve learned how to motivate people, inspire change and empower them to Just Think 1st regarding conflict.

I graduated from York University with a BA in Sociology and I am a certified ‘Anger Management Specialist’ from The National Anger Management Association. I have also received comprehensive training in social change management, conflict resolution, and mental health wellness/recovery.

Being an African Canadian, I believe in diversity, social cohesion and presume that it is our utmost responsibility to make our contribution to the community bringing about positive change.   To make this effort successful, it is important that we prepare our youth in the best way so as to enable them to be strong leaders for tomorrow! Any community is as good as its people. In supporting communities to be better places to live and to improve the lives of our youth, I have created an important campaign called Just Think 1st. It’s an initiative which creates awareness about gun violence and encourages people engaging in high risk behaviors to think before they act.

My team and I work towards building community capacity by engaging people in town hall meetings and forming relationships that encourage getting performance out of potential.  I believe it’s important that youth only don’t learn how to survive but also they learn how to thrive!

It is often said that young people who experience low self esteem, lack of confidence and self-doubt, disproportionately resort to violence and high risk behaviors as a way of life.  These outcomes can be altered if individuals are trained on how to be confident, motivated and have a sense of purpose early in their lives.

Just Think 1st along with its collective action partners, is set out to make this change a reality.

I am a husband and father to three daughters.  My favourite quote of all-time is by Dr. Amos Wilson, it reads; ‘We need not beg when we understand the value of our gifts’.

I have a passion for music! In 2007 my production team and I received a Juno Award for Best Reggae Recording. What a thrill!!

I would like you to join me to make this journey a successful one. Let us work together contributing something to our community each day. Share your good news stories with me! I love to hear them!!

Bon Voyage!