about me

To be regarded as the go to conflict management professional that provides corporations and community resolve based empowering strategies which mitigate destructive conflict.

Roderick Brereton is the founder and owner of the conflict/change management consultancy Urban Rez Solutions. He has worked extensively since 2000 directing capacity building initiatives.

As an African-Canadian raised in Toronto, Ontario, Roderick has a vested interest in diversity and social cohesion. From an early age he had a passion for behavioral science and social change. Attending York University and graduating with a BA in Sociology, he thereafter completed comprehensive training in Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Change Management, Facilitation and Mental Health Wellness/Recovery.

The Work We Do

  • Effective conflict/crisis management
  • Resolving multifaceted challenges collaboratively
  • Team management skills
  • Public speaking, interactive facilitation
  • Engaging and mentoring youth involved in high risk activity
Roderick Brereton

Conflict Management Services

I will seamlessly incorporate the principles of anger management and dispute resolution within people’s lives.

  • Corporate Facilitation
  • Positive Workplace Training
  • Corporate Anger Management & Conflict Resolution
  • Organizational Change Support
  • Intercultural Sensitivity Training
  • Youth Engagement Training

Roderick Brereton

Roderick’s expertise is consulting, facilitation and designing self-empowering capacity building programs in conjunction with stakeholders.


Conflict Resolution Professional

Roderick Brereton is founder of social change/conflict management consultancy Urban Rez Solutions.

Generating awareness, imparting social education, conducting professional training and social project management are areas of Roderick’s expertise. As a partner of the popular Just Think 1st and Take Back Your World Navigate Your Life initiatives Roderick has a vested interest in bettering community.

Roderick provide professional well experienced consultation to communities, schools, groups, teams, corporations, non-profits and individuals. He manages bringing about various aspects of change in pro social development, education and advancement effectively.

Roderick is known for being a speaker, trainer and innovative social subject matter expert.

His ability to transition between addressing the complex challenges of racialized and first nations communities and providing multi-tiered consultation for corporations sets him apart from other conflict management companies.

Graduating from York University with a BA in sociology; designated ‘Anger Management Specialist’ from The National Anger Management Association and the completion of comprehensive training in change, conflict resolution and mental health wellness/recovery has been the foundation of Roderick’s formal education.

Roderick has written and produced urban music since the 1980’s. In 2007 he and his production team produced the Best Reggae recording and received the prestigious Juno Award. Years of experience in the music industry taught him how to use the power of popular culture to engage youth effectively.

Combining formal training and experiential learning, Roderick develops self-empowering pro-social change strategies.

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