Roderick Brereton is the founder and owner of the conflict/change management consultancy Urban Rez Solutions. He has worked extensively since 2000 directing capacity building initiatives.
As an African-Canadian raised in Toronto, Ontario, Roderick has a vested interest in diversity and social cohesion. From an early age he had a passion for behavioral science and social change. Attending York University and graduating with a BA in Sociology, he thereafter completed comprehensive training in Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Change Management, Facilitation and Mental Health Wellness/Recovery.

Roderick’s expertise is consulting, facilitation and designing self-empowering capacity building programs in conjunction with stakeholders. He is a partner of the popular multidimensional training program; ‘Take Back Your World Navigate Your Life.
Roderick is renowned for supporting communities which have experienced inter-generational socio-economic exclusion and disenfranchisement. He has extensive experience developing systems addressing the unique challenges of racialized and first nations community.
Possessing a passion for the arts, Roderick has written and produced urban music since the 1980’s. His accolades include having songs on EA Sports’ Triple Play 2000 and Triple Play 2001 and co-producing a Juno Award Winning song in 2007.

Roderick finds music to be an amazing engagement tool. It acts as a great starting point and is conducive to creating an inclusive atmosphere.

Combining formal training, the arts and “street smarts” in self-empowering programming, Roderick emphasizes developing and embellishing effective pro-social behavioural change strategies and exercising well thought choices.