The story of Michael Jordan, arguably the best basketball ever is one of resilience, determination and yes you guessed it change. Michael during his high school years had a love for the sport of basketball however he was deemed not tall and skilled enough to play competitively by his school’s team coach. Emboldened by NBA legends of the court at the time, a young Jordan was determined to make his own mark and he wouldn’t take no for an answer.  To be considered for the team the next year, Jordan worked tirelessly to step his game up.  This entailed challenging himself in every aspect of the game to become fabulous.  It didn’t happen overnight.  Jordan didn’t earn the nickname Air Jordan when he finally made the varsity team.  It took years of setting goals for himself whereby he could defend anyone masterfully, push the limit of his athleticism and be an all around genius on the floor. Initially Michael set specific goals with timelines that were just outside his reach to pursue and achieve his vision of excellence.  In his early years as a sophomore in high school had Michael set out to immediately fly as he did during his professional career in the NBA he more than likely would have been disappointed.  Michael during interviews stated he had to learn to crawl before he walked and jump before he soared. Setting specific obtainable goals that demanded he literally set the bar higher to explore his potential were essential for his growth. This was the winning recipe for a continuously growing and changing Michael Jordan.

Hence when we identify the change that we want to take place in our lives we must also set obtainable goals just outside of our reach that constantly challenge us to reach for it and change.

Change can be very discouraging if we are constantly not meeting our objectives and not achieving the outcomes we envisioned.  In fact many people give up seeing their changes through due to perceived failure in their attempt to change. Working towards our change over time provides opportunity to witness growth which inevitably empowers us to take on bigger challenges and embrace change.

If you are ready for change set your bar where it’s visible, keep your eyes on the prize and get ready to go above and beyond to get it!

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