Most people would ideally like change to be controlled. They would want to know exactly what and where change will occur, how and when it will come about and why the change had to happen in the first place. When change happens in our lives unexpectedly it can turn life upside down instantly. In any event the more equipped we are to deal with change the better.

What makes us prepared for change?

Having a thorough understanding of the matter at hand indicates you have done some homework. For awareness to be established some form of assessment must have taken place. An assessment could be a simple snapshot evaluation or a comprehensive review. The common denominator is after conducting an assessment the outcome is the consistent; raised awareness/greater insight. When we’ve asked all the right questions, had them answered and learned as a result of the process, we ultimately have gained awareness.

Symbolically flicking the switch and having the lights come on, no longer being in the dark is what creating awareness can be likened to. In my practice when I encounter people no longer in limbo and who have seen the light it is a glorious moment! They clearly see the scope of what’s before them. Understanding your dynamic and becoming an expert on your position throughout the change is imperative as knowledge empowers us to go about owning the change confidently.