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After hibernating from a long drawn out winter most Torontonians are eager to enjoy as much sunshine and freedom of layered clothing as possible.  Warmer temperatures are conducive to getting out and socializing outdoors. During spring and summer months we see more of everybody; family, friends, associates and inevitably people we may not be so keen of.  Because people generally feel more ‘alive’ and energized, behaviours are often more brazen and risky. People seem more in a rush to get to their destinations, any reason to celebrate with drinks is evident, hormones peak and descriptive comments of how good that female looks are plentiful despite her boyfriend holding her hand. The fact is, when everyone comes out to play it can be a cocktail for conflict.

As the weather in Toronto heats up, so traditionally have tempers. So as we venture into summer ‘17 I highly recommend to everyone in the heat of things to chill.  Remember that there’s plenty more summer to come and not to cut your days short by not just thinking 1st.

Recall my ‘Adhere to your Signals’ blog. The traffic lights have 3 functions that when followed should keep us going about our day in a safe manner.

RED– stop! During a contentious moment where our blood pressure has gone through the roof or where we’re literally seeing red this is the time to STOP. Stopping gives time to think, calm down and devise another way to resolve the matter at hand.,

AMBER-slow down; ideally stop and use caution if you proceed.

GREEN– It’s safe go ahead all clear no imminent danger lies ahead.

This year the city has had a reduction of reported violent incidents, let’s keep it that way and look forward to enjoying the next summer’s day!

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